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If you are looking to see what is required to achieve a H1 in a Geography Field Study Booklet look no further. In 2019 I sat the Leaving Cert exam, where I submitted a field study for grading by the State Examinations Commision. I received a H1. Do you want to find out how?

This 20 page downoadable PDF will show you how I approached the 2019 LC Geography Field Study (Geomoprhic process impacting on a fluvial (RIVER) environment) which received a H1 (91/100).

This pack will let you see:

How much you need to write in each section to get full marks, and what gets you the marks.

The attention to detail required, including a clear and easy to follow layout for the examiner to mark. Here you can see how the examiner approaches marking the booklet, which you will be able to apply to future field studies.

How to provide illustrations which relate directly to each experiement conducted, how they are marked, and the labelling system which ties all of the information together throughout your write up. The examiner's grading system is clearly identified for you, with explanations.

What each section looks like when marked by an examiner and crucially what I received my marks for.  

How to link your write up to the illustrations you are including, and the chart requirements for the 3 graph pages in the Results. Conclusions and Evaluations section.

Below, I have provided three of the pages included in the booklet to give you a sample of the work provided

                    Sample Page                                                     Sample Page                                                     Sample Page

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State Examination Commision Corrected Field Study (2019)